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Debbie Briggs Vintage Jazz shines a light on the songs from the Great American Songbook, classic tunes primarily from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, and 50s featuring the warm velvety tones of Debbie Briggs on vocals accompanied by a rotating combo of the best jazz musicians in town. Together, they create a nostalgic, toe tapping sound that will keep your heart smiling long after the show has ended. Booking both private and public events. 


Debbie Briggs • singer bio

Debbie Briggs as described by a fan: “...Her voice sounds like whiskey poured over velvet, like honey in your tea” No doubt Debbie Briggs is on her way to becoming a mainstay in the Twin Cities jazz scene due to her dynamic voice that harkens back to a simpler time, when broken hearts and broken heels were your only worry. Debbie’s presence is both warm and welcoming. Her tone is uniquely rich and resonant as she skillfully delivers each song with soul, style, grace, and gumption. She sings in such a way that will draw you in and satisfy your ear giving ‘just what the song calls for.’ As with every singer Debbie is a product of the times, so while paying tribute to the past you can also hear a modern sensibility in her phrasing and approach to a song. With one foot in the past and one in the future Debbie will be a true force in the Twin Cities music scene for years to come.

The Debbie Briggs vintage jazz combo was Established in early 2019

​Debbie Briggs, a Saint Paul, MN native was raised in a household of vintage music lovers where Jazz, Big Band, and Swing era music were the common soundtrack to life. Seems that “ol’ timey music” was embedded into the minds and hearts of all three Briggs children growing up. Debbie attended Roseville High School, and as a youngster, she was always singing. It seemed theatre was a natural first entry point into the professional music scene. She began studying voice in 8th grade and her first professional gig was as a senior in High School in a musical. She went on to study at University of WI-Stevens Point (B.F.A. Musical Theatre). After college, she lived and worked on both coasts and performed on countless stages throughout the country. 

Debbie was a working stage actor and (later) voice over actor for well over a decade before making the decision to leave the industry altogether to develop other creative endeavors. When Debbie first entered the band scene in Minnesota, she was rather tight-lipped about her old performing roots. She was worried that a background in theatre may carry with it a stigma that would somehow discredit her as an aspiring Jazz, Blues, and Americana Roots singer. But after some time and reflection, she realized it was better to own her story and she further realized what a gift that background actually was. In fact, her many years of performance experience and voice lessons gave a solid foundation in storytelling, versatility, technique, and vocal control. Whilst auditioning and life on the road, taught her grit, hustle, resilience, and professionalism. In 2018, life brought Debbie back to Minnesota again where she was able to connect with family in the Cities. Music returned as a focus for Debbie and she found her voice once more. She founded Debbie Briggs Vintage Jazz in 2019 and later, the Good Time Gals in early 2020 (with “Miss Myra” Burnette) all the while balancing a career in Marketing and professional positive reinforcement Dog Training (another story for another time;)). In 2021, a combination of hard knocks, the Covid pandemic, and experiencing the tragic loss of life of Debbie’s older sister (Catherine McNerlin- a gifted musical composer, lyricist, and creative force in her own right), sparked change in Debbie once more. Realizing that life is short and that we all must do what we can to forge our own path to joy, Debbie made the leap to commit to a full time career in music. With more time to focus on her craft and on songwriting, she is excited to report that she is working steadily in music now and hopes to do nothing but grow from here on out. She is recording her debut album with “The Good Time Gals” this fall of 2021 featuring many of those aforementioned original compositions. A winter album release is on track. Debbie Briggs Vintage Jazz continues to blossom and become a staple at many local establishments and venues. In closing, a toast to living your best life, words written by her late sister


"For moments shared so far,

and for moments yet come,

For gratitude (a single word)

whose synonyms are none,

For undone things that linger

with the setting of the sun,


To love and adventure!

My thirst has just begun!"

- Cat McNerlin

Debbie Briggs • backstory

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